About PremierBank

About PremierBank

PremierBank was originally organized in 1863 as The First National Bank and has served the Jefferson County area continuously since that date. In 1975, the Bank changed its charter to become a state bank and changed its name to First American Bank & Trust.

The North Drive Up location was built in 1986 in preparation for the Main Street location being expanded. The South Drive Up location was built in 1993 to serve our customers while the Main Street bridge was closed for construction.

First American Bank & Trust decided to expand outside Fort Atkinson in 1995 and began a branch in Johnson Creek, first operating out of a mobile banking unit. The building in Johnson Creek was finished the following year.

In 1998, First American Bank & Trust purchased the two branches of Jefferson County Bank and became PremierBank.

PremierBank expanded with a grocery store branch in 2000 when Pick 'n Save opened on the west side of Fort Atkinson. This branch offers extended evening and weekend hours.

In November 2003, PremierBank purchased the deposit accounts of the Johnson Creek and Sullivan Associated Bank branches, keeping the Sullivan branch open to make a total of 8 PremierBank locations.

The heritage of the combined Fort Atkinson, Johnson Creek, Jefferson, and Sullivan banks includes:

  • The first bank in the county;
  • The first bank to offer drive-through services;
  • The first bank to have its own trust department; and
  • The first bank to be on the Internet.

You may contact our Bank several ways. See our Locations and Hours page for branch addresses.

Fort Atkinson Main Bank

Phone: 920-563-6616

Fax: 920-563-6615

Fort Atkinson North Drive Up

Phone: 920-568-4068

Fax: 920-568-4068

Fort Atkinson South Drive Up

Phone: 920-568-4071

Fax: 920-568-4072

Pick'n Save Branch

Phone: 920-568-8646

Fax: 920-568-8645

Jefferson North Branch

Phone: 920-674-4500

Fax: 920-674-2661

Jefferson South Drive Up

Phone: 920-674-3010

Fax: 920-674-7755

Johnson Creek Branch

Phone: 920-699-6900

Fax: 920-699-6909

Sullivan Branch

Phone: 262-593-2227

Fax: 262-593-2921

Main Bank Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 218
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Mission Statement

PremierBank is an independent community bank committed to meeting the financial needs of our customers and the communities we serve, while providing a positive work environment for employees and a fair return to our shareholders.

Corporate Vision

As we advance into the future, we pledge to retain the high, historical standards of excellent customer service and integrity that have earned PremierBank an outstanding reputation.

  • We commit to serve our communities by providing a safe environment for our depositors' funds, making prudent lending and investment decisions while remaining a competitive force in the marketplace.
  • We strive to provide competitive salaries and benefits for our employees and offer a challenging and pleasant workplace.
  • We encourage our employees to be involved in our communities through their participation in community activities and civic organizations of their choice.
  • For our stockholders, we are committed to strong profitability, steady growth, and a fair return on your investment.

PremierBank can best accomplish our mission by remaining an independent community bank.

Directors & Officers

PremierBank Board of Directors

David P. Bienfang, Chairman of the Board, PremierBank

Roy J. Budlong, President and CEO, PremierBank

Russell Turk, Executive Vice President and Senior Lending Officer, PremierBank

Randall S. Knox, Retired Vice President of Finance, W.D. Hoard Co.

Robert V. Leslie, President, Fort Transportation Co.

Philip H. Jones, President and CEO, Jones Dairy Farm

Robert W. Niebler, Owner and Pharmacist, The Drug Store

Fred Negus, President, Wisconsin Packaging, Inc.

Honorary Directors

James S. Schafer, Trust Officer, PremierBank

Henry A. Fischer, Retired President, F&M Bank, Jefferson

Donley V. Henning, Business Consultant

Milo C. Jones, Member of the Board, Jones Dairy Farm

James H. Weiss, Retired, Real Estate Development

William R. Wettstein, Consultant, AConsulting, LLC


David P. Bienfang, Chairman of the Board

Roy J. Budlong, President and CEO

James S. Schafer, Trust Officer

Russell Turk, Executive Vice President and Senior Lending Officer

James B. van Lieshout, Vice President and Office Manager, Jefferson North

Rod Ellenbecker, Vice President and Senior Trust Officer

Steven J. Schafer, Vice President, Personnel Officer and Loan Officer

Sherry L. McKee, Vice President, Cashier and Internal Auditor

Rochelle C. Mitchell, Vice President and Marketing Director

Susan M. Polk, Vice President and Loan Officer

Brian D. Armstrong, Vice President and Loan Officer

Richard A. James, Vice President, Personal Banking Officer and Office Manager, Pick 'n Save

Thomas J. Merfeld, Vice President and Loan Officer

Matthew Lee, Vice President and Loan Officer

Jan Ruster, Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer

Mark Catton, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer and Office Manager, Sullivan

Theresa R. Copp, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer and Office Manager, Johnson Creek

Angela Y. Baum, BSA Officer and Assistant Compliance Officer

Ann M. Schiferl, Electronic Banking Coordinator

David L. Russell, Assistant Compliance Officer

Steve Bielefeldt, HR Director



Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in an employment opportunity with PremierBank, please call Jill Coussens at (920) 563-6616, extension 3005 or Rochelle Mitchell at (920) 563-6616, extension 3004.

You can also stop by any of our lobby locations to receive an employment application.


PremierBank is an Equal Opportunity Employer.