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Finding the right home can be hard. Getting the right mortgage doesn’t have to be. Jefferson County’s most experienced, full-service independent bank can make the special home yours.

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PremierBank offers a variety of Mortgage Options

All mortgage options offer local processing, personal service and competitive pricing!

  • Adjustable and Fixed Rate Conventional Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • USDA Financing
  • Forgivable grants for closing costs and down payment assistance available to eligible borrowers. 

We can also refinance your current home or pre-qualify you to determine your new home price range.  We have financial calculators to assist you in planning, estimating, and exploring your financial options. 

Please feel free to contact one of our loan officers for more information.

Mortgage Application 

HELOC Application

You must read our Early Disclosure of Home Equity Line of Credit and the CFPB What You Should Know About Home Equity Lines of Credit before applying for our HELOC loan.


This conventional mortgage loan is available to qualified buyers for as little as a 5% down payment and with various term lengths available.  With a down payment of 20% or more, private mortgage insurance is eliminated.  There is no penalty for pre-payment of the mortgage.


The Bi-Weekly Mortgage offers you substantial savings on interest costs and a convenient payment plan that is tied to your own pay cycle.  Under PremierBank's Bi-Weekly mortgage plan, half the normal monthly payment is deducted every two weeks.  By reducing the principal more frequently, the total amount of interest paid will be reduced substantially.  This plan is available with selected adjustable rate mortgages. 

Home Equity Advantage

The Home Equity Advantage loan is an easy-to-use personal line of credit that you can take with you anywhere you go!  You can add a room to your home, buy a vehicle, and even take a vacation using your Home Equity Advantage! Read important early disclosures regarding our Home Equity Advantage loans.

How can I get a Home Equity Advantage Loan?

Any homeowner is eligible to apply – it is not necessary to have your first mortgage loan at PremierBank.  Either stop by or give a call to any PremierBank loan officer and the approval process can begin!

How does the Home Equity Advantage loan work?

The PremierBank Home Equity Advantage loan is a revolving line of credit that can be drawn upon at any time.  You simply write a check from your special Home Equity Advantage checking account or use your Home Equity Debit Card.  No need to call your lender, no need to stop by the bank – it's that simple!

Home much can I borrow from my Home Equity Advantage loan?

Generally speaking, you can access up to 80% of your home's appraised or assessed value, less the amount of any outstanding mortgage balances.  See a PremierBank loan officer for details on credit requirements.

Are there any tax advantages to using this product?

Yes, interest paid on the PremierBank Home Equity Advantage loan is generally tax-deductible – please see a qualified tax advisor for more information.

Please call any PremierBank loan officer or stop by one of our locations to take ADVANTAGE of this convenient way of getting cash in a hurry to pay for any pressing financial need.  Whether it's paying tuition bills, making an investment, planning a wedding, or buying a boat, it's as easy as writing a check.  Call 920-563-6616 and ask for a loan officer.


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