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PremierBank's Online Banking provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week account access, deposit and loan transfer capabilities plus online Bill Payment.  Online Banking provides a real-time environment so you are able to view items that are memo-posted to your account, such as ACH transactions coming in that day, checks from the morning cash letter and deposits that have been made that day.  You can also retrieve your Checking and Savings account statements from Online Banking if you are signed up for this service.

Our Online Banking product offers enhanced online security known as Multi Factor Authentication, which verifies your identity in two ways.  Every time you log in to Online Banking, PremierBank identifies you and it lets you identify PremierBank using a secret image and pass phrase. 

To get started, click here for our Online Banking Agreement, followed by the enrollment form.

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Online Help

We knew there might be questions regarding the use of Online Banking, so we came up with a list of questions, answers and helpful tips we felt would provide you with the best assistance.

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

From PremierBank's Home Page, click on First Time User and this will take you to the Online Banking Disclosures and Agreement.  After clicking on "I Agree", you will proceed to the short enrollment form.  Leave the last box labeled PASSWORD blank or call the Bank directly for immediate assistance.  Click on "Submit".  If you left the box labeled PASSWORD blank, we will generate a temporary Access ID and password, which will be mailed separately to you.  Once you receive those, you will log on using the temporary Access ID and password, and you be prompted to enter an access code (must be between 6 – 16 characters) and to change the password (which must be between 8 – 16 characters).

I'm having trouble logging in – what do I do?

If you are having problems or forgot your Access ID or password, please just call us or stop by one of our lobby locations.  If you haven't logged on to Online Banking for more than 90 days, your password and access id are automatically removed from the system for security purposes.  Please contact the Bank at 920-563-6616 and we will help you get started again.

What type of transactions can I complete online?

You can review and print transaction statements and transfer funds between accounts.  If approved, you can pay bills online also! 

What is the charge for using Online Banking and Bill Pay?

Online Banking and Bill Pay are absolutely FREE to all consumer customers.  There will be a charge to business customers that use the Bill Pay feature:  monthly fee of $2.95 plus $0.35 per bill paid.

How many characters does my password need to be?

Your password may be 8 – 16 characters in length and must contain at least one number and one letter.  Your password is case sensitive. 

How do I change my password?

Once you're in Online Banking, select "Options" along the top row of buttons.  Enter your current password, and then enter your new password twice.

Can I make loan payments online?

You may make loan payments to most PremierBank loans.  One exception is FHLB Fixed Rate Mortgages, due to reporting concerns.  Also, some types of lines of credit may be restricted.  If you have specific questions regarding your loans, please contact our loan department at 920-563-6616.

Can I export my account data to my personal finance accounting software (i.e. QuickBooks or Quicken)?

To export transactions to a personal finance application, click "Transactions Export" under "transactions".  You may select which transactions you want to export and the software format you desire.  You are able to export using the .qif, .ofx, .iif, and .csv formats.  For some of the newer versions of personal finance applications, you can export the .csv format and save it to your computer, then upload that file into your accounting application.

Bill Payment

PremierBank's Online Bill Payment service enables you to set up recurring payments, make one time payments and track your payments to individual payees.  You won't have to pay for boxes of checks or postage stamps anymore!  You can do this right from your home or office.

It's easy to do!  You set up the person or company you want to pay, then set up the payment amount and the date you want to pay the bill and it's done.  For bills that are the same amount, that you pay once a month, you can arrange to have that bill paid automatically every month.

You may pay any bill to a third party.  To ensure that you receive appropriate credit, please be careful to enter accurate address, amount, and account number information.  We pay all bills via check, so please select the payment date 7 – 10 days prior to when the bill is due.  Many national companies (i.e. credit card companies, insurance companies) take more than 10 days to process the bill payment.  Please be very careful when selecting the payment date to allow sufficient time for processing and mailing to avoid late fees from the company.

If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to make a bill payment that you have set up, the system will try to make the payment two times.  You will receive a notice by mail that the bill could not be paid because of insufficient funds after the second attempt.

Online Bill Pay is FREE to our consumer customers.  Business Bill Pay Users receive their first three months of bill payment free, and then they will be charged $2.95 per month plus $0.35 per bill paid.  The charges will be automatically deducted from your checking account. 

If you are already signed up for Online Banking and wish to apply for Online Bill Payment, click here

Security Statement

We recognize and respect your need for privacy and security as you visit our site.  We're taking all the necessary precautions to assure your accounts are safe, and that no one has access to them but you and anyone you authorize. 

Depending upon the transaction, you may be able to protect unauthorized access to your information by using a unique, personal identification number.  The information you request from our website for your accounts can only be accessed with your Access ID and password.  It is your responsibility to keep this information confidential.  Do not disclose your Access ID and password to anyone.  Our employees will never ask you for your password.  Never write your Access ID or password on something others may see.  You should change your password immediately if you suspect someone has discovered it.

Our website includes the following security measures:  Encryption which is a method of converting information to an unintelligible code that is unreadable to anyone without the ability to decrypt it.

Due to the secure nature of your confidential account information, the information is encrypted before it is transmitted through the Internet.  We allow only confidential communication to be submitted for transmission if your browser is compatible with our security software.  If your browser is not compatible, you will receive a message indicating your transaction cannot be completed because of the security risk.

Once received by us, all secure information is received by approved personnel.  Auditing mechanisms have been put into place to further protect your information by identifying which employees have accessed, and in any way, modified, updated, or added to your personal information.

Your account information is not permanently stored on our web server.  The information only resides on our web server while you are viewing the information.  It is permanently stored on our secured corporate computer systems.

Messages you send to us by email are subject to viewing, alteration, and copying by potentially anyone on the Internet.  We encourage you to send confidential correspondence through either the Postal Service or by using the telephone to speak directly to our employees.

Terms of Use


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