Teach Children to Save

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Teach Children to Save Event

Release Date: 4/07/2022

New Super Saver Squad Challenge

Super Saver Squad 400 by 400 

Fort Atkinson, WI  -  PremierBank announces a new challenge for its youngest banking customers - the Super Saver Squad. The bank is challenging Super Saver Squad members to complete the It's A Habit, Sammy Rabbit activity, and coloring book for a special prize. 

It's A Habit, Sammy Rabbit is available for FREE at all PremierBank locations. Once children have completed the book in its entirety, simply bring it to the bank to show any banker and pick up a special prize! Sammy Rabbit teaches children to have big dreams and develop great habits, starting with money.  

For more information about Super Saver Squad and the bank's various savings account options, visit: BankwithPremier.com/Savings. For a listing of location addresses and hours, visit: BankwithPremier.com/Locations-and-Hours. 


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