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Choose a time to visit us to complete your banking business when it is most convenient for you! Simply click below to "Schedule an Appointment" to choose an available location, date, and time. One of our bankers will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your request. For same-day appointments, please contact us by phone at 920-563-6616.

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Use the following numbers to reach us by phone, or fill out our contact form and we will reply within one business day.

PremierBank Information

Main Bank Number: 1-920-563-6616
General Bank Fax Number: 1-920-568-8958
Loan Fax Number:
Operations Fax Number: 1-920-568-4067
Wealth Management Fax Number: 1-920-568-4065
PremierBank Routing Number: 075902175

Support Phone Numbers

Debit Card Assistance: 1-920-563-6616
After Hours: 1-800-554-8969
Online and Mobile Banking Assistance: 1-920-563-6616
Deposit Account Information: 1-920-563-6616
Loan Account Information: 1-920-563-6616 x 3080
Wealth Management Account Information: 1-920-563-6616 x 3070

Common FAQ's

How do I get set up for online banking? Mobile banking?

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How do I sign up for mobile deposit?

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Can I open an account online?

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How do I make a donation request?

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Is PremierBank hiring?

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How do I contact a loan officer?

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Where can I see your Current Deposit Rates?

Current Deposit Interest Rates

How do I reorder checks?

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How do I get Wire Instructions?

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