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Here at PremierBank, we believe that some things are sacred. The shake of a hand. Helping out a neighbor in need. And taking the time to truly know our customers so we can help them achieve their dreams. We offer all the same products and services that the big guys offer. But we couldn't be more different. That's because our focus isn't on selling those products and services. It's about connecting you with the ones that will make the biggest difference for you. It's just one of the many ways we are Here. For You. Always.

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Want to teach kids about saving?

Join PremierBank's Super Saver Squad! Our program is designed to teach kids the importance of saving money, spending it wisely, and other Financial Literacy topics in a fun and engaging way! Kids can even earn PremierPoints to shop the Squad Store! To sign up for the Super Saver Squad, visit any of our lobby locations or call us, and we'll get you set up! 

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PremierBank Financial Calculators

When it comes to your money and financial future, estimates or guesses aren’t good enough. PremierBank's financial calculators can help you plan for various aspects of your finances. Whether you want to see how long it will take to pay off your mortgage, save enough money for a new car or are planning your retirement, our financial calculators are here, for you, so you can plan accordingly. 

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Why Bank At A Community Bank?

It pays to bank local. The people here at PremierBank are your neighbors and friends. You'll have a real person to help you get what you need. Plus, when you bank local, you're investing in your community. The funds are kept right here in southern Wisconsin. And supporting your local economy supports local jobs, local infrastructures and local longevity. Interested in digging deeper into how we support our community?

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We have a few tools you can use to help you discover where PremierBank can help you build a better tomorrow. Take a look and see what might apply to you. Looking for a loan? Get in touch with one of our lenders today.

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