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PremierBank Lenders


At PremierBank, our core values are the foundation of everything we do, evident in every service we offer and through the actions of each of our employees.

We don’t just provide loans. We work with our customers to help them find the loan that’s best for them. How do we do it? With our outstanding team of experienced—and compassionate—lenders. Our lenders are driven to provide top-notch solutions, competitive rates, and affordable financing to ensure client satisfaction and trust.

Whether you're a first-time home buyer, need financing for commercial real estate, or looking to buy the vehicle of your dreams, scroll down to connect with the lender in the office nearest you


The PremierBank Lending Team

If you're not sure who to reach out to, call us at (920) 563-6616 x3080 and we'll get you started.

Fort Atkinson

Brian ArmstrongSteve SchaferMatt Lee

Brian Armstrong

VP | Loan Officer 
NMLS #489497

Office (920) 542-1067
Cell (920) 728-6054

Email Brian

Matt Lee

Matthew M. Lee
VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #489528

Office (920) 542-1138
Cell (920) 728-6083

Email Matt

Steve Schafer

Steve Schafer
VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #489527

Office (920) 542-1148
Cell (920) 650-2168

Email Steve


Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson

VP | Commerical Lender

Office (608) 743-9873
Cell (608) 346-2835

Email Rick

Silvia Donday Selenske

Silvia Donday-Selenske

AVP | Residential Loan Officer

Hablo Español!
NMLS #553374

Office (608) 743-9874
Cell (920) 728-0848

Email Silvia

Tim Shortreed 2

Tim Shortreed

VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #764474

Office (608) 352-6640
Cell (608) 921-2227

Email Tim


PremierBank senior lending officer and commercial lender Matt Zastrow

Matt Zastrow

First VP | Chief Lending Officer

Office (920) 542-1399
Cell (920) 220-9119

Email Matt

Mark Catton

Mark Catton

VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #489503

Office (920) 542-1385
Cell (920) 222-3100

Email Mark

Tom Evensen

Tom Evensen

VP | Commercial Lender

Office (920) 542-1395
Cell (920) 222-9345

Email Tom

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Loan Officer
NMLS #2285828

Office (262) 458-2937
Cell (920) 728-4387

Email Tim

Johnson Creek

PremierBank loan officer Tom Merfeld

Tom Merfeld

VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #454248

Office (920) 542-1402
Cell (920) 988-6982

Email Tom


PremierBank loan officer Mark Catton

Mark Catton

VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #489503

Office (920) 542-1385
Cell (920) 728-6059

Email Mark


PremierBank loan officer Joel Kohl

Joel Kohl

VP | Loan Officer
NMLS #1496495

Office (262) 458-2930
Cell (920) 728-5796

Email Joel

Couple Mortgage

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From buying a home to building your business, PremierBank can help you find competitive rates to fulfill your needs as well as your dreams.

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