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05/11/2023 Power of Community Week 

Fort Atkinson, WI – To celebrate the connections between local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and families and their hometown community bank, PremierBank recognized the Power of Community Week April 17–22, 2023 during National Community Banking Month and National Financial Literacy and Capability Month . . . 

04/14/2023 Stebbins Joins PremierBank

Fort Atkinson, WI - PremierBank announced Peggy Stebbins has been named Executive Vice President and will serve as Chief Operating Officer. Stebbins will support Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Russ Turk in executing the bank’s strategic initiatives and drive continued growth to best serve . . .

01/13/2023 PremierBank Announces Promotions

Fort Atkinson, WI - PremierBank's Chairman. President and CEO, Russ Turk is pleased to announce the promotions of the following bank employees: Silvia Donday-Selenske, Luchika Lamick, Kathleen Rolfs, Timothy Smith, and Matt Zastrow. Turk said that each of these individuals, "are visionary contributors to our team and embody the core values that are of utmost importance to our organization . . .

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